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The AutoProbe is an automated soil testing machine and one of the hottest technologies in automated soils sampling on the market today. AutoProbe is the perfect solution to the growing need for accurate soil testing.

Time-Saving and Cost-efficient

Its patented design has proven to save time and labor costs while delivering a more comprehensive and accurate sample set. As the demand for soil testing grows, AutoProbe is positioned to provide cost savings and to become the industry standard in soil technology.

Agronomic Innovations, LLC


  • AutoProbe collects samples faster with increased accuracy and consistency.

  • At over three times the speed of semi-mechanized and manual core sampling, AutoProbe provides a considerable labor cost saving.

  • When compared with manual testing, AutoProbe delivers a more consistent, methodical testing pattern, yielding a more representative set of samples.

  • With AutoProbe, there are no restrictions on the soil collection pattern. Accuracy remains consistent no matter the terrain.

Physical Specifications


Measured in Pounds: 1,747 lbs.


Measured in feet: 10’ x 6’ x 4’ (10’ to the hitch, 6’ wide, 4’ height, including frame, hitch, tips, etc.)

Specifications and Requirements

  • SCV (hydraulic remote)

  • Gallons of hydraulic pressure 6-8 gpm.

  • Rear lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds.

  • 3-Point Hitch Class 2 minimum requirement (Class 3 will work as well).

  • Electrical specifications: will need male plug in cab for the control box.

  • Will need a place to mount control box and cyclone, with electrical connection. All electrical connections are already made on the control box and will tap into the hot power side. Agronomic Innovations may manufacture this device for you depending upon the type of tractor you plan to use with the AutoProbe machine.

  • Can be pulled by

  • Trucks

  • Jeeps

  • Tractors

  • SUVs

  • 65 Horsepower Tractor is minimum recommended size tractor. 75-100 Horsepower is preferred.

  • Smaller horsepower tractors will require front weights to balance out.


Currently, soil samples to guide fertility prescriptions are often pulled by hand in an inconsistent, un-replicable, un-traceable manner. To feed a rapidly increasing population, agricultural yields must increase - and improved fertility will be key to yield increases. The ability to reliably and accurately sample soil for fertility prescriptions will be foundational to the next phase in agriculture.

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Allen Lash

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