AutoProbe – Soil Sampling Technology Increase Yields by Taking Control of Your Soil Sampling

Every farm deserves access to technology that will help them increase yields.

But there is a problem…

  • There is a lack of Precision in soil sampling.

  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t getting you the results you want.

  • Soil sampling by hand is time consuming.

  • There is not much standardization.

  • Soil sampling by hand is hard on your body.

  • Weather conditions make it hard to soil sample in a timely manner.

Agronomic Innovations, LLC

Agronomic Innovations has the AutoProbe technology you need to efficiently develop your soil sampling process on your farm and improve your results. Take control of your soil sampling needs and improve your yields.

How to get access to automated soil sampling technology.




Take Control of your soils and increase yields.