AutoProbe Today's Precisions Soil Sampling Technology

Why Does Agronomic Innovations Exist?

It's simple. Everything Begins With The Soil, yet there is a massive problem with soil sampling technology today.  We at Agronomic Innovations deliver precision solutions for forward-thinking agronomists and farmers.  We even have a program for FFA Chapters to assist farms in gathering soil samples economically while making some money for the Chapter. 

Traditional soil sampling techniques, in our opinion, are broken, there are two issues.  One - we've been sold into thinking that random limited probes with traditional soil sampling methods, is enough.  Two - sampling every three to four years gives us enough quality soil data to improve soil health and crop yields.  Think about it.  Does taking six to eight samples per field every three to four years provides enough quality data to truly understand our most valuable resource, the "soil"?  That strategy may have in the pre-precision days been ok, but in today's precision world...  Six to eight samples every three to five years just isn't enough.  

Our job at Agronomic Innovations is to provide agronomists and farmers with the new soil sampling technology and tools to excel in gathering quality precision soil samples.   



Traditional soil sampling methods have failed to keep up with precision technology.  Precision technology thus far, has been focused on the ground up.  Minimal precision initiatives have focused on the soil itself. 


Become the world's most precise results-oriented soil sampling technology that will result in a better understanding of your soils.


To provide agronomists and farmers with precision soil sampling tools and technology that assures a better understanding of your soils. 

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